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Compact Sensor Station
Automatic Sensors
Compact Sensor Station

Effortless Sensor Options

  • The Compact sensor is a complete sensor containing six independent sensors.
  • These sensors monitor wind speed, rain, temperature, and three directions of sun intensity.

Automatic Sensor Communication

  • Functions automatically adjusting window coverings ensuring energy efficient building operation.
  • The Compact Sensor Station connects directly to the Sensor Bus on an animeo IP Building Controller or Sub Controller.

Simple Installation

  • The Compact Sensor Station comes complete with a mounting bracket which allows the sensor to be positioned on the roof of side of a building.
  • Once mounted the animeo IP Configuration Wizard automatically finds the sensor station without specifying where it is located in the system.


  • This sensor option is capable of mounting additional sensors to increase the accuracy of the shading positions based on weather inputs.
  • The design flexibility of this sensor station helps the user select the necessary components to meet the needs of the building occupants.
  • Features a weather tight RJ45 connector.
  • Compact sensors are Auto-discoverable.
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